Asbestos Insulation

If you have pipes wrapped in white insulation, it could be asbestos and very harmful if disturbed. We at Decon specialize in removing asbestos insulation. Even the toughest jobs are no problem for Decon Environmental.

Dry Ice Blasting

Howdy folks, Dr. Johnny Cleaner here with you again, AKA Dr. J! Word around the office says there’s an outfit in Ontario Canada going by the name of Decon Environmental and they have been making waves in the industry! Now dear readers, I’ve seen some tough jobs in the past and as you know, I call em like I see … Read More

Guano Abatement

Birds can make quite a mess of things, at Decon Environmental we can take care of that for you. This building was home to many pigeons that compromised the rooftop HVAC systems and created a hazardous environment for the tenants inside. A nest was discovered inside the HVAC ducting and before we could clean the area, wildlife control was called … Read More

Flood protection: What type of insurance do you need?

More than 5,000 Quebec residents still find themselves displaced after the devastating floods that ravaged different parts of the province in May. Waterlogged houses and warnings from public inspectors and engineers are just some of the issues that the residents are dealing with, on top of the mounting costs of having to resort to hotels and restaurants. It’s hard to … Read More

How to safely spruce up your home this spring

As summer approaches, spring is the perfect time to spruce up the interior and exterior of your home. But why not kill two birds with one stone and do a safety check up too? A fresh coat of paint can work wonders in changing the look and feel of your home. But exterior paint and interior paint can be equally … Read More

Recovering from a flood

As winter thaws out, flood warnings seem to be coming from every direction. But sometimes, what triggers a flood isn’t as drastic as a harsh winter. Something as simple as a leak, a broken dishwasher or a busted water pipe can cause serious damage to your home. While a flood might just seem like excess water that needs to be … Read More