Decon Environmental Remediation is a leader in property damage restoration and environmental remediation in Southern Ontario. Headquartered in the greater Toronto area and in business since 2009, we know the specific, local challenges of our broad service area.

There are often many viable approaches to complete a project, but when working with Decon, the safest and most efficient course of action is always the first choice.

Decon Environmental Remediation leads the way in our industry in Southern Ontario. The most important thing we do every day is educate people about the best practices in property damage restoration and environmental remediation to make their home or office safer. Because we know that seeing is believing, we created this series of one-to-two minute videos to clearly demonstrate what to expect when you choose Decon for your project.

Our Mission

Decon strives to enhance the quality of life of our customers. We believe everyone has a right to live and work in a healthy environment. We take the time to educate our customers and the general public on seemingly minor problems that can be addressed to prevent larger complications requiring ever more costly fixes. The quicker we find solutions to these problems, the quicker you can get back to your business or normal day-to-day.

Our Services

Your home or business may very well be your most important asset. The environment you spend so much time in every day needs to be a safe one. When disaster strikes or you make the shocking discovery of an unsafe  element in your building, you need an expert in property damage restoration and environmental remediation that has seen it all. One that can quickly assess the damage, come up with an efficient plan to repair that damage, and implement that plan swiftly and effectively.

Decon’s top priority is minimizing disruption while ensuring the safety of your home or work environment. Our services include:

  • Mould Remediation
    Mould is everywhere. More than just unsightly, mould can be a hazard to your health. Safe and thorough removal is a must.
  • Lead Treatment
    Lead was a common paint additive for decades, but now we know better. Proper lead treatment reduces your exposure to a harmful toxin.
  • Asbestos
    Once thought of as a great shield to insulate against the elements, we now know asbestos is dangerous and removing it requires special precautions.
  • Containment
    Upon discovering a problem in your home or business, containment is the first priority to mitigate the damage. It’s more than plastic sheets and tarps!
  • Fire Recovery
    Fire is a painful emotional experience. After the fire trucks roll away, only the devastation remains. Cleaning up involves saving everything that can be saved.
  • Flood Recovery
    There are varying degrees of water damage. Professional restorers have the knowledge and experience to save materials one might have thought were lost forever.
  • Demolition
    Demolition is never the first solution, but sometimes it is unavoidable. Before making that drastic decision, it’s important to make sure it’s the only option.
  • Dry Ice Blasting
    For its purposes, nothing beats the results of dry ice blasting. It can clean surfaces no other method could hope to reach.
  • Waste Bin Service
    An advantage that Decon presents to their Clients is the ability to provide bins for transport, and disposal of hazardous and non hazardous waste in accordance with O.Reg. 347.  With this comes added value to the Client that a third party need not be involved for the disposal of hazardous waste.

Our Ongoing Commitment

We are licensed and insured and provide reliable, punctual property damage restoration and environmental remediation services. Decon understands that your time is as valuable as ours when we develop the timeline to complete a restoration project.

We treat your home or business with as much respect as we would treat our own and aim for 100% customer satisfaction on each and every project. If you need to contact us for any reason during the project or after the job is done, our ongoing commitment to customer satisfaction means we will always answer your call.